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Become a Sea Star Member!

Sea Star EcoCruising is a non-profit society. Every individual must become a Sea Star Member to access our services.


The annual Sea Star Membership can be seen as a service fee which supports the central operations of our volunteer non-profit society. It applies to everyone to gain access to our services, whether you are a one-time or frequent customer.


Our Membership is a valuable record of our impact and participation in the community, and provides support material to potential funders.

Once you are a Sea Star Member, you can book a tour, charter or the water taxi, and (if you are a resident of Piers Island) gain access to the Piers Island Shuttle service by purchasing a minimum of one of our many presale pass options by May 31, 2024.

After the purchase of a minimum of one punch pass you can choose to pay-as-you-go.

Sea Star EcoCruising Society is supported by volunteerism, donations, special events, and by voting and non-voting members. Only titled owners on Piers Island are entitled to be voting Sea Star Members. All other Members are non-voting.

Sea Star Membership (Basic)

for a non-resident of Piers Island

  • a non voting member

Sea Star Membership (Piers Islanders)

for Piers Island residents

  • voting members are titled owners only

Other Sea Star Member Benefits:

Sea Star Members can be proud knowing they are supporting an essential community transport service with their membership participation.


Benefits to the community are numerous, including:

  • scheduled access to Piers Island for residents & their guests

  • water taxi and touring connectivity to our local island communities

  • a transport service for trades people, realtors, and utilities

  • delivery partners with Thrifty Foods, other

  • alternative emergency transport

  • alternative green transport

  • allows boaters to retire and still access their homes

  • offers leverage for Piers Island lot insurance

  • supports new skippers-in-training

  • education and Salish Sea experience

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