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Board of Directors

Supporting Community on the Salish Sea

After over 25 years of operating as a private business, services are now owned and managed by Sea Star EcoCruising, a non-profit society. Our official launch is June 1, 2024, though we will start bookings by April 6, 2024.

The Board of Directors (up to 7) are responsible for the running of the Society. Our Founding Directors are implementing a membership-based model which aims to provide greater continuity and services similar to former costs/schedules.

Every individual who uses our services must become a Sea Star Member. Once you are a Sea Star Member, you can buy shuttle tickets, passes or book a charter or the water taxi. Sea Star Members may choose to upgrade their membership in order to benefit from a reduced per-ticket cost and a percentage off the water taxi.


The Piers Island Route may only be accessed by Sea Star Members who are resident of Piers Island and their guests.

If you are interested to be on the Board of Directors, please contact us.

Founding Directors

Our Sea Star Partners & Founding Members

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