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Portland Island

Portland Island, once known as Princess Margaret Marine Provincial Park, is a semi-wilderness gem of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. It's a favourite destination for anchored boaters, day hikers and overnight campers.


Portland Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and permits must be obtained for camping.   All the Marine Parks are leave nothing behind.  As campsites are limited you must reserve your campsite and show proof before we can deliver you to any Gulf Island Marine Park.  We encourage you to visit to plan ahead and prepare.

You can charter one of our 12-passenger vessels, and make one round trip for groups of up to 12 people, or two round trips departing 45 minutes apart for groups up to 24 people.   Maximum of 12 passengers or 4 passengers, 3 personal watercraft (kayak or SUP's)


Round trip:


One Way:


Pricing does not include GST or yearly membership fee of $25

FOR BOOKINGS: Please contact our Skipper via telephone or email (below).

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