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Russell Island

Russell Island was settled by Hawaiians as early as 1886. The historic Kanaka house still stands and can be found on a side trail off the northeast portion of the main loop trail that runs around the island. An old water tower and shed also still exist. Through a volunteer agreement with the park reserve, the Mahoi descendants share their family stories about life on Russell Island during the summer months. These are very interesting and often entertaining.

Russell Island has natural features typical of the southern Gulf Islands with Douglas fir, arbutus and Garry oak as the prime forest cover. Shore pine rim the island’s outer edges. Wildflowers are abundant in spring and during the summer months.

There is no camping allowed on Russell Island, but you must leave nothing behind.  We encourage you to visit 

 Gulf Islands National Park Reserve website to learn more before your visit.  We encourage you to visit to prepare for your visit.  

​Return trip:


One Way:



For up to 12 people

or 4 passengers and 3 personal watercraft

(kayaks & SUP's)

Pricing does not include GST or $25 membership fee.

FOR BOOKINGS: Please contact our Skipper via telephone or email (below).

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